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 50 Cent Reveals He Was Adopted In New Documentary

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50 Cent Reveals He Was Adopted In New Documentary Empty
PostSubject: 50 Cent Reveals He Was Adopted In New Documentary   50 Cent Reveals He Was Adopted In New Documentary EmptyThu May 19, 2011 12:34 am

50 Cent and shock value go hand in hand like the recently married Prince William and his bride Kate Middleton. The G-Unit founder skyrocketed to the to the top of Hip-Hop totem pole with his gritty raps and compelling upbringing. Fif caught the attention of rap fans worldwide as an MC from the tough streets of "Southside" Jamaica, Queens where he suffered nine gunshot wounds and miraculously survived the shooting only to rule the rap game as the next king of New York. Along his journey to stardom 50 maintained all along that his family, which consisted of his grandparents, his son Marquise and his deceased mother was his support system. But little did his followers know the MC infamously known for never biting would one day reveal a major family secret.

"It feels good for me to learn more about my actual history" 50 revealed to an auditorium of students in an upcoming VH1 documentary about his family origins. "A lot of people don't know but i'm adopted. Yeah, my grandmother adopted me after my mother passed away. So she's like my legal guardian. My grandparents were from out here so the last time I was out here I was like six years old."

50 Cent traveled to Edgefield, SC to unravel his family history in a new documentary titled "50 Cent: The Origin Of Me." The show premieres this coming Monday, May 23rd at 9 PM ET on the network. The show travels with 50 as he discovers different facets of his family's background including a confrontation with slave owners and a lesson on the controversial Confederate flag.
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50 Cent Reveals He Was Adopted In New Documentary
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