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 How to Rap Like Eminem

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PostSubject: How to Rap Like Eminem   How to Rap Like Eminem EmptyTue Mar 15, 2011 3:10 am

1 - Focus on your opponent's clothing, lifestyle, parents, anything that is one of there weaknesses and make it into a rhyme.

2 - Practice a lot, if you don't, you won't get any better.

3 - Make your raps not just quick and insulting, but funny too, that will win the judges and crowd over quickly.

4 - Be a good sport if you lose. Don't curse or bitch out anyone.

5 - Have a good time, that's what rapping is all about. Look cool to get the audience excited!

6 - Speak clearly.It's not interesting when it sounds like you babbling.

7 - Wear cool clothes it'll impress the judges.

8 - Use gestures to match what you talking about.

9 - Try to go deep inside you, and then write whats on your heart, that would impress everybody.

10 - Try to get a sick beat that you can rap to.
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How to Rap Like Eminem
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