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 Eminem Story

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PostSubject: Eminem Story    Eminem Story  EmptyFri Jun 17, 2011 1:38 am

So theres this Boy named Marshall Bruce Mathers , No one seem to think that he matters
Until he met his girl Kim, who always loved him,
But couldnt afford nothin , but then there was somthin, that went through his head.
He wanted to grow up to be a rapper, But wasn't chosen cuz of his skin colour ,
Dr. Dre heard his rap and asked him and helped him to be a rapper
But he must sign a contract with the Devil
He has to use his own blood to sign a contract on a paper with the Devil
He will get all his money and fame, but in the end he goes to hell with shame

He was depressed about it
Until everyone found out who was behind all the evilness,
The Illuminati, The illuminati is the evil group that worships Satan
No one knows Eminem that well, He is being controlled
He knows he is going to hell
but he took a chance to break out of it.
Album : Recovery
he took his chance
But failed
because if he goes on trying to be free
he gets murdered

But hes the Number one Rapper
And doesnt want to waste the money he has
So he created
New Album : Bad Meets Evil
Its of course about evil ,and about the devil.
But it all matters, because hes Marshall Mathers

God Bless Marshall Bruce Mathers, And may he go to Heaven

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Eminem Story
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