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 Slaughterhouse Talks Details Of Shady Debut

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PostSubject: Slaughterhouse Talks Details Of Shady Debut    Sun May 08, 2011 11:41 pm

Slaughterhouse recently spoke about why their fans can expect more introspective songs from them on their upcoming Shady Records debut album.
"There's a lot of [introspection] on the sophomore effort," Joe Budden said. "We recognized the same thing and I think that's mainly due to to the time restraints that we were under on the first album. We weren't able to be as creative as we would have liked to in a six day period."
"That and any missing element that you could think of," Royce Da 5'9" added. "We're trying to cover all of our grounds this time. We have all the time in the world and obviously a better budget. We're just going to take our time and fill in all of the gaps."
"I can rap about guns all day and be happy but I'm working on that. I'm learning from [the group]. My next album is actually going to be very introspective."
“Now, [producers] are giving us life music," he told us. "I guess it’s what they want to hear us on or something because we’re not requesting it. But, when it comes our way, they’re pulling out stories, personal feelings and a lot of shit out of us. I’m loving it. This Slaughterhouse album is going to have a mark in the history of Rap. There’s going to be a lot of lyrics on there, man. Just having Em in the building, you’ve got to step your game up. So, it might have the most quotables ever, on one album.”
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Slaughterhouse Talks Details Of Shady Debut
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