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 50 Cent Street King Partnership Details

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PostSubject: 50 Cent Street King Partnership Details    Thu Mar 29, 2012 1:21 pm

50 Cent's new energy drink Street King has been getting alot of talk recently. It is similar to a 5 hour energy, as it is in small shot form and lasts for 6 hours. However everytime you buy a Street King energy drink it will buy 1 person a meal. Now with a great product and message you need to have great distribution. Well it looks like 50 has found just the partner.

It was rumored the partner was going to be with Pepsi. However after more information was released it is actually with Honickman Group who is a independent Pepsi distributor. The Honickman Group is known for its powerful execution in New York and Mid-Atlantic region. The arrangement goes into effect immedietly.
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50 Cent Street King Partnership Details
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