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 Mr. Finley Feat. YelaWolf – “Oh Yeah” Video

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Mr. Finley Feat. YelaWolf – “Oh Yeah” Video Empty
PostSubject: Mr. Finley Feat. YelaWolf – “Oh Yeah” Video   Mr. Finley Feat. YelaWolf – “Oh Yeah” Video EmptyMon Jun 27, 2011 8:22 pm

Mr. Finley Feat. YelaWolf – “Oh Yeah” Video Finley-yelawolf-big

Before watching his video for “Oh Yeah,” the only thing I knew about Mr. Finley was that he definitely was not the orange-bearded Irish wrestler his name alludes to. Turns out, this high-roller is actually inked through Ghet-O-Vision/Def Jam and now it appears those connects are timing out perfectly. This epic, certified banger finds the Vegas native riding YelaWolf’s current tsunami of success into a key asset for promoting his upcoming The Talented Mr. Finley album, which should now find success on his homie’s esteem alone. Two summers ago, when he got signed? Maybe not.
Moral of the story, patience pays off. But, only if you’ve got quality to back it up.

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Mr. Finley Feat. YelaWolf – “Oh Yeah” Video
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