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PostSubject: DR. DRE PUTS 50 CENT FEUD TO REST, ADDS RAPPER TO "DETOX"   Mon May 30, 2011 9:42 pm

West Coast producer Dr. Dre has laid his past feud with 50 Cent to rest and recruited the G-Unit general to appear on his upcoming Detox album.

50 revealed his involvement on the long-awaited album over the weekend.
"I did a joint with dre for his album that's crazy. They were suppose to put it out this weekend but you never know with dre," he tweeted May 29th.
"Soon dre got some heat RT @bigseano84: @50cent when is Dre album detox comin?" (50 Cent's Twitter)
Last March, 50 spoke on his minor feud with Dr. Dre over their separate headphone brands.
"I have a strong personality, a strong character. And I can be difficult to deal with at certain points because I'm vocal. If you upset Em [Eminem], he's just gonna not talk to you. You're not going to get him in the next room you wanna get him in. With Dre, the same. He's not comfortable with friction. That [tweet] is, 'Hey look, I'm here. Is everybody still paying attention?' So they go, "Why he say that? Why he say we mad?" Then the meeting happens." (VIBE)
When asked about 50's headphones a month prior, Dre denied prior knowledge of the rapper's venture.
Dr. Dre totally DISSED his former protege 50 Cent in Los Angeles the other night ... maybe ... possibly ... OK, we're really not sure -- but it's all on tape!!!! Here's the back story -- 50 went on a Twitter tirade this week, claiming Dre HATES him because he's launching a line of headphones to compete with Dre's "Beats" line. But when we asked Dre about the beef out in front of Boa Steakhouse in Hollywood Tuesday night ... Dre simply replied, "I never heard of his headphones." DISS!!!!!!!!!!!! (maybe). (TMZ)
While a Detox release date has not yet been announced, West Coast rap veteran Snoop Dogg recently put his input on the project.
"He's got a strong work ethic and I'm gonna say this," Snoop Dogg told Tim Westwood. "I don't know if it's gonna ruffle any feathers, I just think the wrong people are in the environment. When he made records that were hit records in the past, D.O.C., Snoop Dogg, RBX, Kurupt, it's pieces that's not there that need to be there. And I'll say D.O.C. and Snoop Dogg is the backbone. When you take those two equations and take them out of the equation, it's not gonna work. You need to put them two back into the equation and let us mastermind head the project like we didChronic and 2001. That's what's missing." ("Tim Westwood TV")

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