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 50 Cent to play blind DJ in new thriller film

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PostSubject: 50 Cent to play blind DJ in new thriller film   Sat May 21, 2011 12:03 am

Hip-hop star 50 Cent is set to star as a blind DJ in new film Odd Thomas.
The rapper, real name Curtis Jackson, has signed on to join director Stephen Sommers' interpretation of Dean Koontz's bestselling novel, Variety reports.
The 35-year-old will join Willem Dafoe, Anton Yelchin, and Patton Oswalt as a cast member.
Dean's 2003 novel tells the tale of a clairvoyant cook who uses his powers to find the killer of a young girl.
Shooting for the movie is due to start this summer in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
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50 Cent to play blind DJ in new thriller film
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